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QR codes

A new dimension within mobile marketing!

A QR code, or a Quick Response code, is a relatively new concept within mobile marketing. To scan and read a QR code you need a camera-enabled Smartphone and a QR code reader app. The user can then find out what the code says by taking a snapshot of it.


QR codes have an ability to hold more information than regular linear one-dimensional codes, which is why they are so useful within mobile advertising. The code that we create for you can after a successful scanning direct the user to a specific web page, video clip, MP3-file, e-mail address or text message.

The codes can be placed on basically anything; posters, brochures, envelopes, plastic bags and paper bags, food and beverage packages, sales receipts, business cards and discount coupons. It is also possible to place the QR code on a regular web page, but the real use is outside the Internet. Here are some placement and content proposals:

  • On front doors to clubs, restaurants, bars and companies containing a link to a concert or event, menus, opening hours or contact information
  • In newspapers, magazines or television ads with a link to special offers
  • On CD covers with the a link to a music video
  • On tour and city buses with a link to the tour schedule or timetable
  • On cash registers with a link to subscription of newsletters or special offers
  • On corporate clothing and name tags with a link to price lists or contact information

Custom designed QR codes


Watch a selection of our clients with specially designed QR codes

We know what makes a QR code memorable, both design-wise and information-wise. We can adjust the traditional black and white QR-code so that it complies with the appearance of your website or your product. The design possibilities are endless - let us experts deliver a colorful and striking QR code that still conforms to the required standards.

Download a free QR code reader to your smartphone!

Ladda ner en QR-läsare för AndroidLadda ner en QR-läsare för iPhone

All these unused marketing areas are at your disposal, and well worth exploring as you plan your next mobile marketing campaign. All you need to get started, and give your customers a real eye-opener, is an own QR code. Contact us and we create one for you!

Contact us and we create one for you!